Parents please register and plan to attend a class (required) at least one month prior to the baptism date -  

Classes are held on the 4th Thursday monthly at 7:00pm at St Benedict parish.

Both parents are encouraged to attend.

You may call 605-664-6214 or email to register.

Please print, fill out and submit to the Parish Office

the following 2 forms prior to attending the class

       Typically baptisms take place after Mass but may be during a Mass if the pastor approves. No baptisms during Lent.

Marriage Preparation 

Contact a priest at least 6 months before the tentative wedding date. 

Call 605-664-6214 or email stbenoffice@yanktoncatholic.orgDates will not be reserved until you have met w/priest, filled out the required forms, & paid fees.

1st Communion or Confirmation for Adults

        Contact the parish office to get more information: 605-664-6214 or email  

Sacraments for Youth

        Visit our Children/Youth Education Page

Video on Receiving Communion