Baptism: parents please register and plan to attend a class (required) at least one month prior to the baptism date -

Classes are held on the 4th Thursday monthly at 7:00pm at St Benedict parish.

Both parents are encouraged to attend.

You may call 605-664-6214 or email to register.

Please print, fill out and submit to the Parish Office

the following 2 forms prior to attending the class

  1. this baptism form or find a paper form at the church

  2. this sponsor form about your sponsors eligibility

  3. Email or call to request a baptismal date (subject to pastor's approval)

Typically baptisms take place after Mass but may be during a Mass if the pastor approves. No baptisms during Lent.

  1. Typically baptisms are held in the parish the parents are registered at. If you are new to the Parish or have never registered your name & contact info in the parish office, please fill out this form too. New parishioners -Welcome!